Leeds Boys College


Our Mission

LEEDS Group of colleges is committed in providing each individual with access to relevant, broad, balanced quality learning experience, which promotes and develops education and social responsibility.

Mr. Shahid Zaman
(M.A Urdu, B.Ed, M.Ed)

It is a privilege to work with a great college like LEEDS. We have great staff, a wonderful parent community and fantastic students. The fruit of the College can be seen daily outworking in the lives of the students. I thoroughly enjoy watching students develop in an environment that really fosters and nurtures their walk with the Lord.
At Leeds College our aim is to provide an education that encourages students to develop all their individual talents, to learn to treat each other with respect and dignity, and to teach all aspects of the curriculum in the light of God’s word. Our approach encourages parents to be actively involved in the college’s program and to participate in their child’s education.
As a College, we believe in excellence. True excellence can only be found in Leeds. From an educational perspective, I am passionate about doing everything to the best of our ability. We believe education alone will not provide us with the wisdom we need to make right choices in a rapidly changing world. We recognise that God is the source of all wisdom, and we are therefore committed to a high standard of education that is based on the values we know that can weather the storms of life.
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