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Fee Structure


Tuition fee shall be charged for the whole year (12 months) which shall be deposited in four installments in the manner described below.
(1)First instalment (Three months fee) at the time of admission must be deposited in advance.
(2)The tuition fee of the 2nd installment and home exam fund shall be deposited by November.
(3)The tuition fee of the 3rd installment shall be deposited up to January.
(4)The tuition fee of the 4th installment shall be deposited up to 5th March.


)A Student ,after depositing admission fee/dues ,if wishes to withdraw his admission and vacate his seat within a week, may be refunded full tuition fee. Admission fee and registration charges shall not be refunded However, security shall be refunded.


  • Students who are promoted from F.Sc 1st year to second year if seeking migration to another college in this case he/she to submit second year promotion fee along with first quarter fee obligated for three months.
  • Students seeking migration in October are obligated to submit promotion fee with 3 quarter fee that constitute 6 months.
  • Students seeking migration November are obligated to submit 3 quarter fee constituting 9 months. Additionally second year promotion fee is also required to be submitted.
  • Students of 1st year granted with college scholarship if seeking migration for 2nd year in another college are obligated to submit annual fee with promotion fee.
  • In case of seeking migration a student is obligated to confirm his/her parts /Guardia _ physical presence. In addition, written application _ will have parents CNIC Copy to be submitted in HR department.
  • Dated appointed by HR Department will decide the written application