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The department of Computer Science at CUI Lahore is a student-centered and research-oriented department. In addition to getting computer education, you will have opportunities to participate in research activities and contribute fresh knowledge to the field. Our faculty and students regularly publish research papers of national and international repute in various leading journals and also present at conferences all over the world. We have versatile working research groups, i.e. Agent Technologies and Information System, Communication Networks, Intelligent Machines and Robotics, Software Engineering, Databases and Operational Intelligence, Vision Image and Graphics, and Web Semantics.

Leading institutions in Pakistan and abroad seek out CUI Computer Science graduates for entry to mid-level management and research positions in the field of Information Technology. This indicates the trust different professional organizations have on our education. And this trust gives us a confidence to promise a congenial environment to study here and develop your potentials as computer scientists with us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare undergraduate and post-graduate students for productive and leading careers in industry, academia, and government by providing an excellent environment for teaching, learning, and research in the theory and applications of computing and information technology.

In particular, we aim to pursue creative research and new technologies in Computer Science, Information Technology, and across various other disciplines in order to serve the multidimensional needs of industry, government, society, and the scientific community by expanding and contributing to the body of knowledge in the field.We also strive to develop strong partnerships with industrial and government agencies, professional societies, and local communities.

Message of Head of Department

ALI YOUSAFZAI  (M.phill Computer Science)

As a student co-ordinator for academic affairs, it is my honor and privilege to extend my warmest and cordial welcome to all especially 1st year students. My endeavor will be to upleft your academic moral and cultural knowledge with an objective to be part of knowledge community. LEEDS College mission in this respect is multi-dimensional. To ameliorate and nurture students’ academic position, we conduct workshops, seminars, and other social activates that inculcate creative skills in students knowledge domain. With this aim let’s make 2019 -20 an unforgettable session.
Wishing you happy bright and successful career.


Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (BS CS)

Duration 4 years
Credit Hours 133
Semesters 8
Campus LEEDS Group of Colleges,Faqirabad Peshawar

Programme Description

The BSCS program is a new program offered by LEEDS. The aim of the degree is twofold: firstly to create well-rounded computer scientists who will fulfill the demand for computer science researchers and software developers in Pakistan and secondly to nurture entrepreneurship among the young computer scientists to promote innovation at the national level. The emphasis of entrepreneurship in the program will hopefully give birth to new developments in the field of computing. The students of this program will help in strengthening research projects in core computer science areas and bring new ideas for establishing independent businesses that shall contribute towards the economy of the country.

Unique Features

The aim of the Bachelors in Computer Science degree is to produce computer professionals who can create new technologies and ideas, and devise new ways to use computers. The degree in CS can open doors into the professional worlds of many other disciplines. Our CS program serves those students who wish to proceed as entrepreneurs or generalists in computing or who aspire for graduate studies, research positions, or cross-disciplinary innovation. This Program develops skills in students for applying the concepts, principles, and practices in Computer Science for analyzing and solving real world problems to support industry as well as research and development organizations. The students are provided effective personal development and team-work skills for continuing professional growth and life-long learning and awareness of their social, professional and ethical responsibilities in national and international environment.

BSCS Accreditation

BS in Computer Science program is accredited by the National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC). Accreditation is a continuous process, with the aim of improving the quality of education being imparted to students. Currently, Department of Computing at NUST-SEECS holds the highest ranking of ‘W’ from NCEAC for the batches inducted in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Next iteration of accreditation process for subsequent induction years will be held in 2018.

Important Courses

The CS program will contain mandatory courses in the areas of artificial intelligence, compiler construction, theory of automata and formal languages, scientific computing and analysis of algorithms. In addition, the CS program will contain courses like Introduction to Management, Strategic Marketing and Management, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Accounting and New Business Ventures to encourage entrepreneurship in the students.


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Department Contacts

Head of Department

Dr. Mian Muhammad Hamayun
Phone: +92-51-9085-2158

Department Coordinator

Dr. Mian Muhammad Hamayun
Phone: +92-51-9085-2158