Board of Directors

(M.phill Chemistry)

It gives me an immense pleasure to share one milestone of a great journey towards quality_driven education and excellence. Undoubtedly , it has been my conviction that successful and excellent academic journey only rests with core educational values. LEEDS College being a prestigious academia has a mission of promoting quality education for the students. To achieve our academic and educational aims,we are harnessing all our efforts to project its positive and professional image in KPK and across the globe as well. I extend my sincere gratitude to the college staff for their sense of responsibility, teamwork, competence, and collective vision.
I assure that no stone will be left unturned for achieving the standards of quality education.


With the solemn commitment to promote the quality education, LEEDS College was established with aspiration that will benefit the student community with an objective of their academic achievement. It is my pleasure to affirm that we have been successfully achieving our desired educational goals we have commitment to engage students’ create skills and academic this academic model will lead the requirement of self-confidence, innovative wisdom, and competence. Hopefully, learned faculty inculcate creative skills in students. I solemnly convey my conviction that LEEDS College system as platform for promoting successful career of student’s community.


It’s my honor and pleasure to cordially share my sincere words that we believe in discipline and commitment being the moral parts of our institution. Being disciplinary students of LEEDS College, I believe in you being a symbol, representative, and ambassador of academic excellence and competency. In this competitive and challenging milieu, our duty and commitment with a sense of responsibility guarantees a well-disciplined setup for students’ academic growth, complied with rules and regulation which guarantees a successful moral success. All of you are whole heartedly welcome to participate in the aim to build a disciplined nation governed by moral and positive ethical values.

(M.A English)

As Leeds College Coordinator it is my distinct pleasure to extend to you especially our first-year students – a very warm welcome. Together with the team at LEEDS I will endeavor to make this year a memorable one for you. From September to final exams, we will offer you a varied programs of academic workshops to support you in your studies, of cultural events to broaden your knowledge, and of social activities to celebrate with new and old friends.
Our mission at LEEDS College is to provide to the student community a vibrant environment in which to thrive academically and in which to participate in college and university affairs to become a fully engaged university student . As we approach the strategic objectives let me extend the whole staff best wishes . The Founders community is there to support you, to guide you, to help you succeed.. Let’s all make 2019-20 an unforgettable one!

(M.Phil Computer Science)

As a student co-ordinator for academic affairs, it is my honor and privilege to extend my warmest and cordial welcome to all especially 1st year students. My endeavor will be to upleft your academic moral and cultural knowledge with an objective to be part of knowledge community. LEEDS College mission in this respect is multi-dimensional. To ameliorate and nurture students’ academic position, we conduct workshops, seminars, and other social activates that inculcate creative skills in students knowledge domain. With this aim let’s make 2019 -20 an unforgettable session.
Wishing you happy bright and successful career.